Request VL Nodes


It would be great to have a central ‘Request Nodes’ list. That is, a list where everyone can add nodes that are no-brainers but still missing in VL.

I’ll start with IsNumber (String) without an Index Pin, that just checks whether the whole String is a number.
But if there’s a list I’ll add much more ;)

Add Randomize (Spread)

RemoveEnd (String) to remove a specific count of characters from the end of a string.

this is the TryParse node, it has a boolean output that tells you whether parsing is possible. or do you mean IsDigit for one single character?

Ah okay, nice thanks!

i’d like to argue against using this thread as a central “Request Nodes” list: this is hard to maintain and will be out of date soon. please rather start one feature-request thread per node you’re missing so that we can close those threads and mark them with the version they are included with.

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