Reporting red nodes?

Hello everyone! Been a while since I had some time to get back to learning the ins and outs of 4V… or perhaps I should be saying VL?

Anyway, as I’ve being going through various tutorials, looking at old things I attempted or other people’s patches they’ve posted for help on, I’ve noticed that occasionally there are patches or help files that have red nodes in them (because when I don’t understand something, which is more often than I would like, I F1 it). For example, Decompose (Transform Vector) help.v4p had 2 red nodes for AxisandGrid, just said Axis. There’s been almost a dozen I’ve stumbled across so far (I downloaded vvvv_50beta35_x64)

I’ve been fixing them on my machine as I come across them but I was wondering, should I be reporting these to anyone?

I looked about on the site and couldn’t find any sort of place or request to do so. I could forward along the ones I fix, if that would be any help. They’re not really bugs and more advanced users probably wouldn’t be looking at these but going forward with further builds, it might be useful for new (or returning) users to have them?

Thoughts? Opinions? Cautionary tales? Off-colour anecdotes?

Try re download and unzip again see if that helps. Archive getting corrupt sometimes…

hei pixel,

definitely please just put a quick note here about patches you find red nodes in. we’ll be happy to fix those for the next release then…

@Pixelsmith again: the helppatch of Decompose (Transform Vector) that you mentioned is indeed using two Axis (DX9) modules. they are shipping with vvvv core and therefore are not red for me… so please mention some more you saw problems with…

I had some time today so I did as antokhio suggested and tried to replicate the errors by removing my old folder and making a fresh clean one.

Except for the patches that required extra installs (most of the girlpower Audio examples) such as Bass (which holy crap, can one page have more install options on it? couldn’t figure out which was the right one[s] to download), VST and WavePlayer, I couldn’t find any others – I must have unzipped the addon pack incorrectly the first time or done something equally stupid. hangs head in shame

If I do ever find one, at least now I know what to do sigh :/

not exactly sure what you mean the only extra needed install as far as i can think of is the asio4all driver in case you want asio output. otherwise bass runs out of the box…

OK, once again, apparently my fault for using an x64 build. I thought I was missing something because the help files are in the folder.

It has been my experience with most Windows programs that you can access more RAM with the 64bit versions than the 32bit, but perhaps that is not the case with VL. I will uninstall and try the other version. Perhaps that’s the better choice when you’re still learning :(

you’re right about 64bit builds in that they can use more RAM. the only difference is that they are missing some nodes, as mentioned here:

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