Repair Pin at File Texture

unasked questions to frequently used nodes / part 1 :)

what is the meaning of the _repair_of the FileTexure? what is he doing or not doing when disabled.

thank you.alex.

when repair is enabled, settings that are not supported by the graphics card will be modified in a way that the texture still can be created.

therefore vvvv checks the capabilities of a device.
you can inspect the caps with an external tool also:

typical restrictions of older cards are:

  • Width & Height can only be power of 2
  • textures can only be square
  • there is a maximum for Width & Height
  • certain Formats are not supported

if your specific settings turn out to be incompatible and repair is enabled only those settings that are not supported will be corrected in a way that tries to be as close to the users settings.
if repair is off vvvv just calls the method to create the texture which then might fail.

note that the default settings of a FileTexture (EX9.Texture) (Format = No Specific, Width = 0, Height = 0, …) are anyway not fixed to certain values and therefore the entire repair system will not be run on those settings. Format, Width & Height (…) depend on the file contents in that case.