Reordering Texture Spreads


this has been bugging me for some time now:
is it in any way possible to reorder the slices in a spread of textures (EX9)?

the problem i’m facing is as follows:

when using different loaders to get textures (eg. a FileTexture (EX9.Texture) and a FileStream (EX9.Texture VLC))), it is not possible to get the textures together in one spread with a specific slice ordering (it is only possible to cons 2 texture spreads, no setslice for textures or nodes)

1: FileTexture (1)
2: FileTexture (2)
3: VLC Texture (1)
4: FileTexture (3)
5: VLC Texture (2)
6: VLC Texture (3)
7: FileTexture (4)

i am aware that the VLC texture can also display many common image types, but for example no DDS files.

anything i’m missing here? it seems very quirky to me to do a reordering of the quads transforms the textures are used for. i mean: having a bunch of transforms from a linearspread or cross i wouldn’t want to reorder the coordinates just to get the screen ordering i prefer.

thanks for any advice!

you can cons those together and then use GetSlice (Node) to arbitrarily reorder the spread. see?

it seems searching for complicated solutions when the answer is so obvious is a hobby of mine…

thanks ;)