Renderview distortion


I have a little problem. In my render view I have a quad and over it there are some moving 3d objects in top view. Now I wanted to rotate the view to have an isometric perspective of my quad and the 3d objects. Therefore I connected a camera to the render window but the 3d objects seems to be distorted?!?!?

what am I doing wrong?

Greetings Leo

Inside the Camera (Transform Softimage)-module is a Perspective (Transform) node. the clue is the FOVsetting (Field of View), which sometimes causes strange distortions. maybe this is a bug in the module.
@gregsn|gregsn)) or ((user:tonfilm for sure know more than me about this.

btw: its not that hard to make your own camera module fitting your needs…

hi leo,

you could just use the “view output” of the camera and connect it to the “view transform input” of the renderer; connect a “ortho” to the “projection transform input” of the renderer, or a “scale”. check that the depthbuffer is turned on. therefore inspect the renderer with an inspektor and select some format for “windowed depthbuffer format”.
just a side node: when using a perspective node (like the camera does) it is good practice to use a “Near Plane” not to close to the camera (a rule of thumb: if you go up with far plane also do so for near plane). by doing so you keep an acceptable granularity of the depthbuffer.

greetings, s

thanks for all your suggestions! I will try them in the next days, than I will let you know how it worked :-)