Rendering window no more show any thing

hi !

I have a somehow complicated patch , where i m using some renderers ( 7 ) as independant spaces of events, then making a DX9 texture with them to project them on other spaces ( quads etc), or use them with blue boxes.

this is a multi-projection patch is on one global output main Renderer, that is in full screen.

all is fine working BUT … at one moment I m loosing all visualisation on my “on patch renderers”. the calculations are done ok , and mapping on textures also, and phong job also … but no more preview, just the result…
I need to destruct them, then recreate them to have back my visualisation . wich is quite annoying, as the output of those renderers are connected

any idea on how to solve this ?
any tips ?

did you try ALT+RightKlik on Renderer Node for resetting it?

hum… no kalle. but is that normal because it is ALL renderer windows and not the main renderer in fullscreen ( full screen comes on opening of patch)

OR should i do something like OnOpen > wait 1 second > reset all windows > wait 2 seconds > set on main renderer full screen?

is there a procedure for this ?

NB: yesterday i was making a little demo for buyers of the project we have with vvvv in may.
in transport something happened: no more 2nd Video output on my brand new ATI 4850. A nightmare, resolved 10 minutes before people comes by sending everything on first monitor ! damned !

qouting our Software Tool Links:

MultiMonMan lets you watch and control multiple monitors even if they aren’t connected. click-through and drag-through. resize and move windows.

is IMHO a “must have” tool which i install on every pc by default.

well this is a hardware or driver issue …

maybe you feedback textures, then you have to delay the second renderer ?

is there any trick to refresh on open the renderers ?
but this is maybe a driver issue of my card …

MISE_EN_OEUVRE_1_2008.12.18-08.30.30.jpg (235.1 kB)