Rendering to avi

Hi again you guys!!!

I’m almost done with my project now, and i’m stuck as to how to render the EX9 render window to AVI. I tried connecting a DX9texture to the EX9render output and using the writer attached to that, but it writes very slow and doesn’t look anything as smooth as whats actually happening.

I also tried turning off the vista aero stuff on my laptop.

what am i doing wrong???

take a look at mainloop

… because a hdd writes slower than the gpu draws into the renderer. so, realtime writing is not possible.

If i remenber well mainloop should be set to increment right ?
(any explanations for that ??).

If you go for a search in the vvvvorums this is a common subject.
Also have a look at Render documentation page.
I also had similar questions in that thread.

Hope it helps.


I can understand what you’re saying but i don’t get how to use it. can you put it my project. sorry, it’s a bit messy and bits pinched from everywhere. the dx9 and writer are down there at the bottom.

Wow!!! i just attached the file 40k!!! i love this program.

pattern.v4p (40.2 kB)

sorry, i forgot to say thanks.


to get high quality video output, just use the Writer NRT instead of the avi writer. set your desired video fps, output folder and hit save. look at its help file if your not sure how to use it.