Rendering Text to Tables

Hello community,

I am trying to patch a GUI for my cuesystem. Now I need to load a big txt-file and render it inside a Renderer(DX11). When using Text(DX11 Layer) Framerate drops way too much, since there are about 10.000 Text-Slices. I had a look at the VVVV.DataTable-Contribution, but I don’t see a way how to get it into the Renderer. For now there’s no need to manipulate the values in the GUI, just display them. Do you see a way, how to handle that?



u need to optimize ur rendering, since u don’t see 10 000 lines, u need to make it show only necessary ones, also i would look in to text sprite contrib, i think it’s exactly what you need

Thanks antokhio,

That’s a good thing to start with. Does anybody happen to know, how to insert Tab-Stops into a String?

Or maybe use HTMLTexture (EX9.Texture String)?

Should be pretty straightforward to layout your table in HTML.

There’s also text sprites contrib I made, or using elaluate on the patch with the text mode in which will stop it processing but hold the output while the text isn’t changing. But as ant says try and make it a smaller subset!