Rendering Omni-directional Stereo Content

Is it possible to generate Omni‐directional Stereo Content (360 degree videos) in vvvv? Like it is described by Google here:


This is on my todo list… won’t have a HMD again for a week or so, so won’t do anything before then at earliest. The ray based method seems very straight forward though.

I’d be curious to see if can’t come up with something better for polygons- maybe a bastard tessellation / geometry distortion / cubemap shader would allow to bypass all the stitching.

A friend of mine set up ODS to work from standard 3D package renders & AE, but the workflow sounds pretty painful- I think we can do better!

Interesting topic! But I’m not sure if this is really needed for HMDs, as there is only one viewing direction at the time that changes dynamically. I came across similar questions here: