Rendering a TextureArray with instancing is broken

Works up to version 2021.4.10. Broken with >= 2021.4.11, only the first array slice is correctly sampled.

Maybe it is related to the changes made to InstancingSpreadComponent?

Demo.7z (1.3 MB)

I need that functionality for the project I am currently working on.
Can use 2021.4.10 for now, but the fixes made in later versions would be nice to have obviously.

Inside the FromFiles node you find an unconnected accumulator with a warning on it. Solve that (by either not using an accumulator, or connecting it) and your patch works again.

In older versions the system ignored such unconnected control points (with the same warning). However with the new custom region API we no longer can ignore such unconnected control points because they could actually have meaning in other cases.

Since this is a breaking change shouldn’t the error (now) be shown on the node?
It might have shown the same warning before but behaved differently.

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