Renderers in multiple instances going black after a while (DX11)

I have encountered this weird problem.

I have an installation that has 3 projections run from one computer. each projection is running in its own instance and it running fine… for a little while, after some hours, all renderers goes black. I can’t see a pattern to what is causing this.

it’s 3 times DX11 patches And one patch controlling stuff (some DMX, Projectors and some UDP) all is running from a bat-file being run as custom user interface, so very little else is running.

Any idea why this is happening? what to do?


Anything showing up in TTY?

not checked that yet… should be second nature. Will check later today if my change didn’t work

Update, the system behaves nicely now that I have put the patches in the same instance… litteraly just added the old patches as sub-patches in an otherwise empty patch. just removing the individual mainloop nodes.

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