Renderer problem with nvidia quadro 2000m and beta27

Hello vvvv world,

I recently discovered that vvvv runs on the integrated graphics card in my laptop which caused a gpu - bottleneck.
To get a better performance I forced vvvv to run on the other graphics card, a nvivia quadro 2000m - 2GB. While vvvv and seemingly most of the nodes work, it won’t let me create a renderer(EX9). The program doesn’t crash or anything, its just that no node or rendererwindow appears.

did anyone have this problem? how did you solve it? or am i just missing something?

quadro cards are utmost CRAP, i once installed it in my pc, ended up re-installing system. First of all it will work ONLY if quadro card is only one that working, second some random bugs appeared all over with it. Hardly remeber but it took me 2 hours to understand that nothing gonna work as before…

Running crack.exe 3 times and restarting the system the same amount of times seems to solve the problem…

-> solved but no idea what caused the bug and how this solved it.