Renderer only rendering in half of dual-head output

I have a Matrox triplehead2go digital edition hooked to two beamers, which show up and act correctly as a single window under Win7 at full 3840x1080 res. When I place a renderer on that part of the desktop, it correctly lists 3840x1080 as a full-screen option.

Yet when I go full screen, it only renders into the left-hand half of the image, and reports its backbuffer as now 1920x1080. The interesting thing is that if I change the renderer background to gray, BOTH beamers show the gray background, but objects are only rendered in the left beamer.

I have tried explicitly setting the backbuffer to 3840x1080, and changing the fullscreen setting to “As Desktop”, all with the same results. Again, the windows desktop shows correctly. This is with an nVidia 460 card and DVI out.

Any ideas/workarounds? Anyone seen this before? This will happen with a simple patch that only contains an AxisGrid, Camera, and renderer. Thanks!

try changing the resolution in the inspeKtor to something other than the desired resolution and then back to the desired resolution again, that usually make it work

That’s a configuration of the Matrox panel. don’t remember how it’s called, but it makes the fullscreen window set to only 1 of the devices