Renderer not showing text

Hi - hopefully, someone can advise me on this. I’ve recently downloaded VVVV onto my mac and been using via Bootcamp, windows 7. I’ve been following the tutorials but when I get to doing the text one ‘hello world’, the renderer is not displaying the words, just a blank screen. I’ve run the ‘Crack’ test and all the boxes are green, so I think I’ve installed everything ok. Can anyone help me?

Many thanks

can you save and upload your patch? maybe there is an easy to find bug in your patch…

ok - great - i’ll try and do this now.

Hi- here’s the simple patch which should be saying ‘hello word’ but nothing is on the renderer.

hello world patch (1.2 kB)

strange indeed. can you open a Renderer (TTY) before opening your patch and see if there are some errors thrown?

also do you see a Quad (EX9) when you conntect that to the renderer instead of the text?

Hi - thanks for this - Quad (EX9) doesn’t show up either. The TTY Render is showing lots of flickering errors. I’ve attached a screenshot.

this is strange. do you have the latest drivers for your graphiccard?

i’m assuming so - i’m working from a macbook pro - I’ve installed Windows 7 via bootcamp. Do you know if there is someway to check? Thanks for your help with this by the way?

I think it must be something to do with the drivers - I’m going to have a go at reinstalling them an see if that helps.

I’ve just re-intsalled the drivers and it’s now working fine. Must have been a problem first time round. Thanks again for your help though.