Renderer MRT Texture Write?


is it possible to write textures with the MRT Renderer? I only get empty textures written to the disk. The TempTarget Renderer works fine.



For me it works.

Quad -> renderer MRT -> writer dx11 2d
as png, no problem

maybe you are trying to sample from a MRT renderer with multiple textures and the first one is not vissible? in that case getslice (node) would help to select the correct render target for writng

Ok can you try it again with anti aliasing on? With AA set to 1 everthing works fine, otherwise (2 or 4) not.
I use the DX11 1.2 Pack and vvvv_50beta36_x64 Version

oh yes, that happens here too with AA activated.
That should be probably issued for vux in the DX11 repo on github… @vux

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