Renderer in subpatch

Hi, i have a patch that uses camera controls as a crucial function.

I now need to use the projector node to do perspective correction for mapping, but that requires using the same conenctions on the renderer as the camera does.
So can i just place this patch in a subpatch and then do the mapping in the parent patch?
if so, how do i get the output of the renderer in the subpatch for use in the parent patch? i connected an IO box to the EX9 Out of the renderer, and this produced an output on the node in the parent patch, but i cant find what can connect to this output
any help greatly appreciated,


That output pin is to use your renderer as a texture again, see the helpfile for DX9 Texture (EX9.Texture)

So you can use your subpatch with the camera, output the texture (use a Iobox Node for that) and than put that on a quad , and put that in a new renderer with the projector transform.

Thanks! thats exactly what i was looking for.

However, doing it this way seems to seriously reduce the resolution of the final output. In the original patch the output looks lovely and crisp, but once nested in a parent patch, the final output to the projector becomes all lo-res and blocky looking.
Thats if the renderer in the subpatch is windowed small, or hidden.
If i enlarge the window of the renderer in the subpatch then the resolution of the output of the parent patch increases, but this seems to seriously affect performance.

any tips?


you can set the renderer resolution in the node itself or in the dx9texture node (pins are hidden by default) just connect these to the size outputpins of your main renderer and they’ll always have the right size.