Renderer ID in Subpatch


if you have a Renderer (DX9 in this case) in a subpatch and have this subpatch twice or more in your rootpatch, the renderers have always the same id, which makes it impossible to ‘detach’ them from each other. even some setpatching does not work on only one of such nested renderers.

can that be changed or is it by design?


but every subpatch has it own id - combine this with your renderer-id and you have your unique-id, no?

hei sebl, i am afraid this is by design. the position of a window is handled by its parent patch. and creating two instances of a patch results in 2 identical copies. therefore the positions of each window also exists only once. so the only workaround is outsourcing renderers out of subpatches.

ai joreg,

thanks, that’s what i supposed and did the workaraound exactly as you suggested.

anyway, i think it could be a nifty feature, if we could manipulate renderers individually (without setrenderer-like mechanisms).
perhaps, renderers could be exposed?