Renderer (HTML) output pin?

Apparently there is little documentation about renderer (HTML) for now.
Just wondering -
a) I would like to get back the actual HTML description of the shown page. that would facilitate e.g. doing things with javascript and getting back a result, or polling script-based pages. (current problem: i embed a mediaplayer object in html to play internet radio streams, but cannot get status messages out - that would be possible with javascript)
b) when i save the patch with renderer (html) in boxed mode, it reloads in windowed mode
c) when I hide the renderer(HTML), my embedded component stops working - is it being disabled when hidden? would not be the preferred behaviour.
d) when i redefine the content of the input pin for the first time after loading the patch, the old (load-time) content is not deleted, rather the new content is appended. This happens only once after loading. (note in the demo patch how after activating “start output”, the “off” message is not removed from the output window)

I’m attaching the patch below. might be of interest as a demo patch someplace.

using 33beta8.

more findings regarding mediaplayer in renderer (HTML):

e) html is re-parsed when scaling or moving a boxed renderer. That should be optional, as it forces reload of embedded objects (=media restart in mplayer)
f) when switching hardware accelleration of the media player to low under “options” (right-click the player in the html renderer), hardware overlay is prevented and thus straming video can be piped into a GDI texture. Probably not so high-performance, but can be useful at times.

guess what… 0bytes

guess what… not when I try it.
I’m reuploading it to the “user modules” file gallery as “streamplayer 0.1”