Renderer EX9 vs. DX11


I’m comparing the use of DX9 renderer vs DX11 renderer on the same machine and setup and I notice a strange bahavior : when I run Renderer (EX9) in fullscreen the graphic cards run normally but when I run Renderer (DX11) one of the graphics cards usage goes up to 99 - 100% . Why is this happening ? Am I missing some features in DX11 in order to help graphic cards running better ?

(I did this test in the first place because I have video flickering problem. and my guess is because a graphic card is running at 99%.)

The hardware setup is quite special :

3 graphic cards are using - 1st card is NVDIA Geforce GTX 1080 is where the screen shots are taken
2nd and 3rd are NVIDIA Quadro P600, both in the same mosaic mode. The final output is single monitor of 11520 x 1200 px. The two Quadro cards are connected to 6 projectors (3 on each card)

The Renderer window is on the mosaic monitor

Using vvvv_50beta36_x64


Try enabling V-Sync on the DX11 renderer (via Inspektor).

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