Renderer (EX9) "splits"

Using 11.1

See pic
After ALT+right-clicking on one of the coordinate output pins of the renderer (second from left), the renderer window detached from the renderer node. Didn’t find a way, to get it back to the right position. Was boxed view. Windowing or fullscreening didn’t help but copy all nodes and insert them into a new patch worked. But after ALT+RC on the same pin, the same thing happend.

After ALT+3 the patch and restoring it, all was correct again.

v4_bug.jpg (7.7 kB)

well known and nasty bug.

resizing the “boxed” renderer mostly helps


seems to be a difficult and hard bug

i cannot remember vvvv without that bug…

doesnt resizing the renderer node snap the output back into place?