Renderer (EX9) Problem

Hi everybody !
I’m tying to learn vvvv thanks this tutorials video tutorials .
However I’ve a problem when i’m using Renderer (ex9) like in the tutorials 24 and 25. My window stay black, nothing happens. If i want to render a texte, all is ok but when i’m using Rope, nothing appears in the Renderer.

Why ?

Sorry for my english, I’m not speaking english, just trying ^^

I really need your help so… PLEEASSSE !! :)


hei simon,

are you using beta29_x64? because this has the Rope broken. please use the 32bit build or the latest alpha instead. hope that helps.

Hell yeah!
Thank you very much, it works with the 32bit version :)
Stupid problem, doesn’t it ? ;)
Thanks !

Argg, nothing happens in the renderer window when i open the patch of the Tutorial 24.

nothing wrong with your english, sir! ;)