Renderer (EX9) Performance Question

Hi vvvvers!

I’m running vvvv on a win7 laptop with 3rd gen. i7 CPU, 16 gb Ram, and nvidia geforce 675m graphics card (2 gb memory).

I’m not sure about the performance drain of a Renderer (ex9). With a single Renderer open I easily have the 120 fps, by opening a second one, it drops to an average of 60 fps, a 3rd one below 20, and the 4th makes it around 13. I don’t know much about those performance things, so I’m asking you if that’s nothing to wonder about, or if there’s someting wrong.



hm…that is not as it was designed. just a wild guess: try enabling Increase Timing Precision on MainLoop (VVVV) via Inspektor.

also do you have the renderers set to Presentation Intervall Immediately for this test?

Tanks joreg for the fast reply.

The Renderes were at default, but changing to immediatly doesn’t help. Also the Increase Timing din’t change anything.

Edit: I just noticed, that if I move one of the renderers over to my second screen, the framerate rises to about 40.

Okay, now I am absolutely clueless. I changed vvvv not to use my nvidia gpu but the integrated intel graphic chip, and the renderers run! But I don’t want to use that crappy intel gpu.

Now I’ve added the directX11 nodes. The problem is gone when using Renderer (EX11), but still persists with Renderer (EX9). Anybody got an idea? This is pretty frustrating.

don’t know if it’s the same problem or not, but i’ve noticed that running on a laptop with optimus (so nvidia + intel graphic cards) there’s a problem when cloning a renderer. the sistem become quite slow and unusable. But if you create a new renderer instead of duplicating (or copypasting) the old one, the performances dosen’t fall, as expected.
not shure if it’s the same kind of problem, because here, the second renderer, if duplicated, put the framerate to 1fps, and all the system, also the interface, become quite unusable.

So, trying to analize what’s happen here with duplicating renderers i’ve understood that the problem is not the duplicate itself. the problem is about multiple renderes docked together. If i undock the duplicated renderer, the frame rate returns normal, and if i dock a non duplicated renderer, the framerate drops as if it would be duplicated.


I’m having that crappy optimus-stuff, too. When I go fullscreen with one renderer, the other renderers show way less capacity drain, and the framerate goes up. I guess this is simply because they’re not visible anymore below the fullscreen-renderer, maybe it’s the same with docking.

Now, that’s really strange. I stacked up all 4 empty renderers into one window. The framerate went up a little bit, from 13 to abut 30. Now, when clicking trough the different renderers, the framerate differs significantly. From about 90 to 30. Actually with 3 of the 4 renderers it’s 30, only with one about 90.