Renderer (EX9) exit fullscreen when dragged in patch

Hi All

I have discovered that when I patch with a fullscreen renderer on a second monitor and drag the renderer that is fullscreen in the patch window, it exit fullscreen mode.

It is just an annoyance when patching like now but in case I would ever need to do it when performing it would be critical.

is it a bug or a feature?


hm, not exactly sure what you’re talking about. why would you drag a fullscreen renderer into a patch? and if so what would you expact to happen?

I think it happens when the renderer-node is dragged inside the patch, not the renderer-window.

Yes, Bjoern is right. it happens when I drag the render node of the fullscreen renderer.

besides that I am running win7 64bit


yes and the fullscreen pin doesnt update…
(you can repair it with bang>xor>fullscreen)

aight, now i got you. fixed.