Renderer DX9 only works in Fullscreen

I just started discovering vvvv, but I seem to have some problems on my PC.
My PC is running windows 10 64bit and I get the 7+1 green boxes running the setup.exe file. However, when I am using the DX9 renderer it only shows black as long as I keep it in the preview size. As soon as I switch to fullscreen everything is displayed as I intended.

I have already looked around, but I couldn’t find a solution. I hope someone here can maybe help me.


Hi Thore,
I you working in with more than one display? This can effect the where the textures of the renderer are rendered. If you are using two or more screens try moving all render windows to one screen, saving and restarting the patch. This may not be a fix but it might help with diagnosis.

also, do you have a laptop with two graphics cards? if so, make sure vvvv runs on the dedicated card and not the integrated one.

Hello both of you,
sorry for answering so late. I was quite busy the last weeks.
I only run one screen or at least I run my patches on just one screen before I start using a projector.

@tonfilm I actually do have two graphic cards. Its a asus zenbook with an internal and a nvidia card. I will give it a try to run vvvv on the nvidia and hopefully come back with a positive result

@tonfilm Just teted it and executing the program with on the external gpu helped. Now everything works and I can hopefully work a bit more productively.

Thanks so much for your help

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