Renderer (DX11) thinks its on a 4K screen although reslution set to FullHD


I designed some scenes using PixelBillBoard (DX11.Layer) on my FullHD screen.
For a presentation I now moved to a 4K screen. As to be expected everything still is pixelprecise but too small for my purposes. Therefore I simply decreased the Resolution to FullHD (on the graphicscard).

Though the Renderer somehow still thinks its a 4k screen and renders everything as it would on the native 4K resolution. Also the backbuffer width and heigth still returns 4K resolution values.

Is this by design? I would think the resolution set on graphic card menu would determine the vvvv resolution…

any ideas?

Check if dpi settings will help

In case you’re not able to fix it that way and are happy with that kind of upscaling on your 4k screen, you may consider using the PixelBillboard’s hidden Transform pin.

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