Renderer (DX11 buffer) memory leak

I’ve found a memory leak using a Renderer (DX11 buffer) in a subpatch with evaluate 0.

It increases memory if evaluate is set to 0 and stay to 0.

Which vvvversion?



both 64 and 32 bit versions

also with vvvv-packs-dx11-b33 ?

Unfortunately I can’t check in this machine because is a Windows 7 without any service pack and DX11 b33 doesn’t work (I think is for the sevice pack or isn’t?), after the deadline I will do all the check.

Hey, please submit in:

Ideally with a small repro patch :)

Finally, I tested the patch on my machine, I cannot reproduce the error on my Windows 8.1 laptop, so maybe is a problem with that Win7 no SP machine. Vux should I submit the issue?
I think this is a very uncommon situation…
Tell me guys

not sure at all but i use to have a similar issue
when transforming the kinect data : pointcloud to Geometry
using the wrong Topology (TriangleList instead of PointList)befor the Geometry shader
produce a memory leak ended to a crash!

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memoryLeak (4.9 kB)