Renderer doesn't run on 2nd monitor

Hi All,

Using notebook dual screens (notebook and a monitor as 2nd screen). But it seems that the renderer not able to run on the 2nd screen, it runs on the notebook screen. Any reason for that?

Any differences for vvvv to run on XP or Vista?




First of all there is no kind of problem regarding xp or vista basiclly.

Does your problem appear in fullscreen mode ?
Or when you drag the windowed renderer from laptop screen to 2nd screen ?

When I drag the renderer window from laptop screen to 2nd screen, the renderer seems stop without any animation.

what happens if you start vvvv , drag the empty patch on the 2nd screen and after create a renderer with some DX9 graphics on the 2nd screen

also open a Renderer (TTY) before moving the ex9-renderer and see if you get any error messages.

what graphiccard is this? can you try on a different laptop?

I had exactly the same problem. I just fiexed it by setting “Hardware Acceleration” to “Multiple Display Performance Mode” in nvidia advanced configuration/3d parameters. If you have another graphic card maybe you will find some settings like this.

I hope this will be helpfull to you : )

dragging that renderer onto the 2nd screen and restarting vvvv does it, just tested that by using my 2nd monitor with the renderer in fullscreen mode.

thank you guys. just saved my day.
my routine: creating the renderer in the second window directly after starting vvvv did it