Renderer clear pin to 0 + full screen problem

i just wonder if it is just me or if it is the same for everybody

if i set the clear pin of my renderer and i put it full screen i get a very fast flickering on the uncleared parts of the screen

does anybody have the same problem
or does it come from my graphic-video card ?

i m running on xp sp3 blablabla

and my video card is a Nvidia quadro 160m or something like that


helo kernel,

that is a known directx-issue. iirc clear-off won’t work at all in fullscreen. still you could try one of the other settings on the Fullscreen Swap Effect on Renderer (EX9). maybe Copy or Flip work.

thks Joreg

i never touched this pin before , i had no idea it was here

it seems to work with copy for me

, now i can re test all my patch that had that problem in full screen , great!

huge thank you