Renderer cannot read the Kinect for Windows

I am a first time user of vvvv. After installing Addonpack into the girlpower folder, I connect kinect for windows into my computer. The demo of “Kinect (Devices Microsoft) help” can open.

But, the “Depth” and the “Skeleton” cannot show the renderer. The renderer turns Black.

Please,How can I make it work???

you need to extract the addon pack in the vvvv folder it self NOT the girlpower folder.

Place the addonpack zip file in the vvvv folder and use a tool like 7zip’s “extract here” function to create a folder named “addonpack” in the same folder as vvvv.exe

oh, and have you installed the ms kinect drivers, as described here: kinect

Thanks for your solution, I followed your solution but it still doesn’t work. So, I capture the screen. Please help me.

When I open the “Kinect Devices Microsoft”, it works perfectly.

But, when I open the “Depth Kinect Microsoft” and “Skeleton Kinect Microsoft”, the renderer turns into black.

And, I installed the Microsoft SDK.

And make sure that you have “Enable skeleton” pin setted up to “1” :)

I set up to “1” at Enable Skeleton. Still, it doesn’t work !!!
Please help !!!><

Hello kadinHilda,

Give more information like which kinect version you installed? are you trying from a virtual machine for win? if yes please run win via bootcamp. If nothing works, please post pic of your directory & patch to have a look

Hello Urbankind,

I fixed the problem. Thanks!

How did you fix it?