Rendered video texture

I’ve a question about my patch.
I’ve a patch with file stream (video), video texture, quad and rendered, and now nothing happens…
I’ve a new computer, with net 2.0 installed and i can’t see any video…

Do you know what is the problem?

Thank very very much!


can you post the patch?

hi africadas,

it is always recommended to attach the patch here.
is your renderer gray or black?
the filestream has an outlet called “seeking capabilities”. what does it tell?
the last outlet of the videotexture “media subtype”: what does it tell?
open a Renderer (TTY) , then start you patch :what does it tell?

at user tutorials there is also a videoin-tutorial. maybe this also helps you.

Thank you very much for your fast replies!

I faound the problem… something extern to vvvv…

I’ve a new computer and I didn’t have the codecpack installed.

I’ve done it and now everything is working again.

Thanks a lot!