Render single frames out of webcam stream


as I just started to learn vvvv, I am confused how to realize the following setup:

I have a webcam with 25 f/s. I want to output to 5 different quads (horizontal next to each other) every 1st/6th/11th/16th/21th frame of the video stream so that i have something like a continuous movement from left to write on the screen. Any suggestions how to do this?

THX in advance


I guess you could use queue (EX9 Texture), and sample every 5th frame. Here is a simple example - I don’t have any webcam here, but it should work.

texturequeue.v4p (7.6 KB)

The main loop is set to 30 fps but if you want to run your patch at 60fps you maybe should use an LFO Node with a period of 0.04 and connect the change pin to the Queue Node.

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