Render order patch error

Hello everybody, I am a beginner in vvvv and I am trying to get a simple 3D scene working. I am using SuperPhysical pack by @mburk. Basically, I have 3 types of object, they are all sphere geometry but they have a different size. Each of these types has around 40 elements, and each of these type has a different color. Here a screenshot.

Inside the blue structure there is the red one, and inside the red one there is the yellow one.
I am expecting that in certain cases, for example that ones marked with a black cross, the internal ring is drawn over the external, but this is not happening. The yellow ring is the first thing drawn, then the red one on top and finally the blue ones on top.
I am probably making something wrong when grouping the objects.
SpreadPBR3.v4p (46.6 KB)

Any ideas?

Hey, all you need to do is enable the depth buffer in the renderer. have a look with the inspector and set “Depth Buffer Mode” to Standard.

That was indeed. Thanks!

Also you can spread things differently and only use one SuperPhysical Node. SpreadPBR3.v4p (51.8 KB)

Definitely I need to have a look more into spread operations. Many thanks for your corrections!

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