Render mixer?

I’ve been using vvvv for, oh about 2 days now, and i love it. I made a couple patches rendering images in 3d using the dx9 ex9 renderers, and i can’t work out what to do next.

What i want to do is be able to mix the 2 outputs to fade from one to the other. how do i do that?

also, is can anyone tell me if there’s a way to add a trail type effect on the 3d rendered objects, so it looks like it’s ghosting itself.

Seriously loving vvvv. I wonder if it was used to make autechre’s ganz graf.


to mix 2 renderers first you have to connect dx9texture
to the output of the renderers
then you use these as textures and mix them with a 3rd renderer
fo trails set the renderer clear pin to 0
for fading trails put a large quad between your 3d geometry and the background, and connect a hsl_color_join to that quad, set colour to black with alpha

a couple of techniques are possible for fading between textures.

let me point you to 2 shaderbased approaches:
Transitions_basic.fx by @desaxismundi
TexCtrlFade.fx by @kalle

both can be found right in the middle of the very long user shaders page.

also for trails there are several approaches. one of them is my IIRfilter (EX9.Texture).v4p to be found on kalle.Modules.EX9.Texture. look inside to get an idea about renderer feedback techniques.


I wonder if it was used to make autechre’s ganz graf.

I don’t think so.
Basiclly gantz’s graf comes from an lsd trip ;)
Interesting interview here.

Remind me a discussion in frankfurt’s red bar (brain generated pictures).


Fantastic, thanks guys. especially the interview.
back to the laptop i go…