Render for PIVOT rotation Matrox DualHead2Go

Hi guys,
I would like to setup 2 projectors with softedge, pivoted 90 degrees
Thus “…there is no pivot support within the current DualHead2Go product lineup…”, and there is no vertical spanmode for 2/3Head2go, I wonder if would be possible to get correct render output for Matrox, or there is a workaround?
any help appreciated

Matrox_PIVOT.v4p (13.5 kB)

Hi if I got that right you re making the same question I made here

HI io,
thanks for link.
I got correct output using transform of viewports via matrix, but i still missing softedge for one half of the screen. how I can change the default softedge setting inside of MultiscreenNODE to get it?

Matrox_PIVOT_2.v4p (16.7 kB)

ah! I remember I had that issue too and i also remember that I ve read somebdy else writing about it recently… dig the forum, should be somewhere