Render DX9 Problem

Hi people,

As always my question was probably answered already in an earlier post but i don’t find any realated .
So here is my question :

I got three Graph cards on my PC feeding 6 monitors ,when I save the patch the DX9 render windows don’t stay at the corresponding monitors when the patch is re-started ,strange because sometimes it does .

any one have the same problem ?
anyway to solve that ?


under desktop-rightclick-properties-settings you see 3 monitors in spanmode (or 6 individual?)

are you sure that when saving the patches the arrangement of the monitors in those settings is exactly the same as when loading the patches again?

vvvv-windows place themselves via absolut coordinates. if the saved coordinates are not available on loading (scrambled monitor arrangement…) they place themselves somewhere in the visible range.

where do they place when it doesn’t work?
are you starting fullscreen or windowed?


Thx for the replay ,
forgot to say that when the patch is re-started all the DX9 windows are joined in to 1 ( 1 render is not attached to the others)

all monitors are configured independently form eachother
I save the patch without full screen on and each render in the corresponding monitor .

  • all the DX9 windows are joined in to 1 ( 1 render is not attached to the others)
    hmm…you mean the renderers are docked into each other? do you have tabs to switch between them?

then…could it be that you have the renderer (EX9) in a patch that is open as several instances? this could pose a problem…is it like that?

Yep that’s the situation there are 5 file streams playing in sync
and when I start the patch they are all dock in the same render .
is there a way arround it ?

what if you just make layer outputs of the patch and then have a patch with 6 instances of that patch + 6 renderers. see?

so in short: just move the renderers out of the subpatch.

Thank You once again !