Render Background Color


I want to use a Quad to “mask” another object. For the Quad i used the same Color that i used in the Background Color Pin on the DX11 Renderer. The Color of the Quad and the Background Color of the Renderer seams different, so i still can see the Quad - you can only see this behavior on if your monitor has a lot of contrast… Is this normal?


background.v4p (4.3 kB)

nice discovery,
this does not happen with dx9.

as a workaround you could use a worse monitor :|

i used a Fullscreen Quad with the same color which works perfectly - i was just curious, because i never noticed this behavior before.

Ok Renderer (DX11) background color was using v4 native color type, double->converted to byte (some old legacy), Whereas other nodes use all single precision SlimDX.Color4 type, which was leading to a small rounding issue.

Anyway this is fixed in git now.