Removing a randomly selected quad from a grid


Im trying to make a grid of 9 quads, that are slowly removed one by one, when a user pauses a random selector on each quad. This is to slowly reveal an image behind the quads.
And I just can’t get it to remove the right quad, and maintain that (now vacant) quad’s position. The only way I could get it to remove the right quad was by just colouring the last quad red (the selector) and then re-ordering the spread, but that meant that when i then removed that quad, the emptyspace moved around along with the new red quad.

I’ve tried 3 different approaches to this and am sure there should be a fairly simple way of doing it, i must just be ignorant of the key nodes required.

Attached are two different approaches i’ve tried, im sure the correct one is very much different to both! please all suggestions welcome.


smashphrase example2.v4p (30.8 kB)
smashphrase example.v4p (18.0 kB)

something like this ?

sift is a real good friend

smashphrase.v4p (30.9 kB)

Thanks Karistouf, looks like you have put a lot of work into that! Unfortunately, I must not have explained myself properly; it’s not the mouse selecting the square. its an automated randomiser, that when a user pauses it, the square that the selector is paused on, is removed.

The elements I need are still probably in your patch, minus the mouse/coordinates/selection, so i can probably reverse engineer what i need out of your patch. unless anyone can suggest a simpler way of doing it.

Thanks again!

HitTester is useful for this kinda thing!

smashphrase 1.v4p (9.1 kB)

Made a new one… was thinking too visually before ;)

Sift is back in!

smashphrase 2.v4p (16.5 kB)

Thanks Gaz!
Again, i must not have explained myself clearly as the random selection isn’t quite how intended in either of your patches. However they did provide inspiration for me getting it working pretty much how i wanted. It would be good if a bit more was automated, but with a little user input the desired effect is achieved.
Attached is the working patch that does what i intended, although not quite as smoothly as I wanted
Like I said, it does whats needed now, although any further tips on how to tidy it up or make it a bit more efficient would be welcome. (i’ve stuck with the ‘manual’ spreads instead of the linearspread & cross combo because when using those it reverses the spread order and makes the manual removing of the selected square less intuitive)

Thanks for your help guys.

snatchphrase v4.v4p (15.0 kB)