Removing a connection in "connect (2d)" node

Hi everyone,

First time posting here, just starting out VVVV and really loving it. I started out with Modul8, Madmapper, then Processing and Isadora. VVVV has been great and I feel like I can start doing some of the things I’ve dreamed of.

One question: I’ve been using the connect(2d) node to–obviously–connect points together. However, the connect node always makes a “long” line connecting between the “first” and “last” point. I tried removing the first and/or last slice, but of course, it will always connect the “first” and “last” anyways.

I also tried getslice, reducing the bin to max(-1), and starting the index one above “long line” slice. However, that did not produce a consistent result, as that line seems to occur in a funny place within the sequence.

I’ve uploaded the patch and picture here. What is a good method to remove this “back” line?


Feb26 Sketch 3.v4p (20.8 kB)

Sorry, here is the picture.

two options:

  • instead of the rather legacy Connect use Pairwise (3d)
  • or simply use the other line-moduel which has a Closed to disable closing the line.

Feb26 Sketch 4.v4p (18.0 kB)

Thanks, joreg!