Remove suggested topics

Since they are only cluttering the screen. There seems to be no relation other than being in the same category.
Same goes for “Your topic is similar to…” during creation of topics.

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The new forum is really great, but I agree on @bjoern, that these automaticly created items are a bit too much.

reading up on the “suggested topics” i learned that they are more like random suggestions than rather related topics. the algorithm is layed out here:

but then as it is explained it is supposed to just give you incentive to take part in further discussions. so i am not sure. so lets hear if we get more opinions on this…

+1 to remove suggested topics…
Also i think whole forum is a bit over packed with some garbage. We had a quite a good clean list structure before and now whole thing looks more frustrating then clean…
Also spacing between objects are just huuuge… So instead of info all i see is just white spaces…

overall i like the new look. but to me it seems a bit cluttery too. especially the users column in the overview wich is quite big without telling me much useful info. just my two cents and probably not a big deal when you get used to it visually or do not know the old thing.

ouright, seems not much more interest in this. so i removed it.

@guest regarding user column: what it tells you is: who, how many people participated. and if the last answer is from the original poster then this user-icon has a blue halo.

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