Remove radial distortion


the new guy has another question. i have the std camera in. but it has a far to high perspective. how can i remove that? or just rotating the objects to not having this near,far behavior


PS: in my renderer it is looking like i have some fish eye effect ^^

And another question ^^

Is there a function that can do a interpolation between points.



for each point i have x,y,value. not i want to have a plane that is filled up with 0, but have some kind of blur, fog on and around the point.
is there anything like that out there

hmmm looks like i missing some info on what you achiving…
so as for resorting you can use GetSlice with custom indixses
you can undistort image using Undistort FreeFrame plugin

as for blur you have to make separate render pass blur it over there and blend back.

Are you talking about the Camera (Transform Softimage)?

see it’s helppatch especially for the meaning of the “Z” and the “P”-key.

maybe you have changed the setting of Initial FOV and saved the module.

and for your other question better open another thread.

in general: the more precise you ask the better the help.

ok 2 questions are here.

  1. was how to get rid of the shear effect if i rotate a object (near-far size)

will be in a new thread :-)
2.a blur points. i have a spread for each coord and parameter x,y,p and i want to blur/fog these points AND
2.b i want to have a layer where a color gradient shows me how high/low p is.

no offense, but did you really read my previous answer?

yes. i have just edited the post which was allready there, or i have posted till ur posting so. i’ll have a look into the keys right now.

ok mm that is not what i meant.
my simple problem is that if i rotate with the softimage camera. i sheare the objects which is not good in may case. but i can not find the right node to “not” shear the object while it is rotated. (object plane is round about 200 x 200y 50z ) and it looks like an accident with a road roller.

maybe you should attach an example patch.

yep patch would help a lot.

something like that. it’s simply a box somewhere with the camera on top. if i zoom in or out the whole thing starts to strech,shear but i just want like a planar view that the thing is getting smaller. or the shear should not be that much because my real graphic is very big an has diffrent layers of information and these layer must stay in shape. example added what it looks like if i zoom out and rotate on a simple data.dummy.jpeg

dummy.v4p (7.7 kB)

ok after some readings i am a little smarter but havn’t found a solution yet. how to get rid of the radial distortion? is there a node to use or do i have to calculate lamda on my own(hopefully not)


ai valentin,

i don’t get much out of your attached sample but found one bogus:
of the Camera you connected its View Projection to the _ View Transform_ of the Renderer.
Instead you should connect the _ View_ (which is the second output on the Camera) to the Renderers _ View Transform_. hope that helps.