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very simple and quick question:
how can u remove a slice (at a given index) from a spread?

i’m using getslices or stallones to split, remove, and joining them again but when it comes to many things i want to remove at different places it becomes messy.
Is there any smart node or module?


Sure it is somewhere in the Modules, but I had this one on my HD, add you some text to understand what is going on.

Your new friend is called Select (Value) .

RemoveSlice.v4p (9.8 kB)

thanks a lot West!
smart module.

Oops, a little error slipped in there, the GetSlice node uses the wrong output pin from the Select, you want to connect the Former Slice pin to the Index pin. Was late when I posted that patch, as it is late now…

i could also plug my own S+H (Animation Advanced), but since all the cool nodes have binsizes since 40beta19 anyway, it is not that up to date anymore.

hi quique , i can suggest a few more ways to do that , one will be using the module buildspread from woei and another will be using my module SpreadManager i know i did not make it too clear , but if you pay attention you can create and delete any slice .

I did a small version of it to add delete easily for you .


SpreadManagerMINI (Spreads).rar (3.5 kB)

thanks a lot colorsound!

There’s another solution now, too, the dictionary node