Remotely execute programs

want to remotely open vvvv.exe in a boygrouping environment. like starting all the client vvvvs from the server. boom - all up & running. best case would be a nice little command line utility that can be configured with a text file instead of a messy UI.

anyone having such a nice util? ore any other suggestions for this task?

i ran into rexec and the rexecd daemon but this seems to cost…

just put vvvv in the auto start of the clients… or is that already so?

or is that already so?

course. in the final setup vvvv runs automatically via startup. but while patching, i have to (re)start the client vvvvs more often than the whole system.

right, had the same annoyance 2 days ago, but this looks free:

jee. already tried this one. unfortunately didn’t work.

@ rrrr

I use Pstools which is really nice and is native.

Really usefull with boygroup for launching, killing, restaring vvvv and the others apps and machine.

I use Pstools which is really nice and is native.

thanks! i tried that one but when i run this command…

{CODE(ln=>>)}psexec \REMOTEHOST -u USERNAME -p PASS exe^
(exe is for cmd or notepad or vvvv)

… it all runs something like a telnet session on the Server and i can run command line programs but no GUI programs their. could you explain a little further how to use Pstools please?

okay, found it. have to specify the exe with ‘-i’:

{CODE(ln=>>)}psexec \REMOTEHOST -i -u USERNAME -p PASS exe^

will update boygroup doc when i have time.

yes we can gather our infos … as there is some tricks