Remote Hosts broken on Send with VL.IO.Artnet 2.0.0 -pre


Was giving a shot to VL.IO.Artnet 2.0.0 -pre with Gamma 6.2, and noticed something wrong with the Remote Host inlet on the Send node: it doesn’t seem to override the Remote IP set on the ArtNet instance as advertised.

From the “Send ArtNet to multiple IPs” Help patch,

  • this keeps sending to only, nothing received on
    (expected: ArtNet received on, nothing received on

  • this does send to when we set it on the ArtNet root instance (but we then cannot send to multiple IPs via a spread of IPs to Send)

  • similar result here (data received on, nothing on

It seems the override doesn’t happen.

Hope this helps!

If I understand the insides properly, I think I spotted the problem in SelectTarget, where the Switch is patched the other way around.
(only if the IP provided to Send is null should you then defaut to Global IP; it is currently patched the other way around)

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confirmed, thanks for the pointer. fixed in 2.0.1 -pre


Thanks so much for the responsiveness!
Only halfway there though 🥲

With 2.0.1 the switch index has been correctly repatched but the inputs themselves need to be swapped as well: otherwise currently you are using Remote IP only when it is null ;)

If you can push 2.0.2 as fast as 2.0.1 you would make my day 🙏



outch, hope i got it right this time…

All good with 2.0.2 -pre!

Thanks so much for the quick fix Joreg 🙏