Reloading xFiles

i have crazy problems with my xFiles.
i’m switching into a subpatch.
only 2 of 4 xFiles are displayed.
i thought reloading by onOpen would help. nothing.
i have to reload manually or my mouseclick which is not nice.

any possibilities?

How about a delay on the onOpen, just to let the patch open the load the files?
Or if you are switching between xfiles I’ve found that you need to preload them like you do file textures, so attach to a fx and renderer but scale to 0.

hi catweasel
thanks for your fast answer.
delay the onOpen does not work.

preloading sounds really good. but i have not understood what to do exactly. sorry?

Sorry for the confusion, basically I always have my xfiles connected to a renderer, usually using a constant.fx but scale the objects they are connected to 0 so you cant see them, and then have another connection from the xfile loader to a switch which goes to the shader I want visible.
It seems to be a bit of a bug where if the xfile isnt actually being renderered it doesnt load correctly, I dont know why the delay and onopen doesnt work, but I think I tried that too. Of course if you’ve a lot of big meshes it could be a memory hit…