Relay board from conrad

did somebody get the relay board from conrad (product number: 967720 - LN) to work with vvvv?

shouldn’t it be as easy as that (see attached patch)?

I am using a USB>serial adapter, which might be an issue. but it’s more likely to be a “denkfehler”.
conceptual hints are mostly appreciated.

relaisplatine.v4p (17.0 kB)
967720-sp-01-en-Relaiskarte_8fach_seriell.pdf (168.5 kB)
967720-an-01-de-Relaisplatine_8fach_seriell.pdf (563.1 kB)

hihi zepi;

three things:
(1) the XOR node in vvvv doesnt do what you like it to do - the vvvv node XOR will just work with single bits, conrad wants you to xor all 8 bits from the incoming bytes (a so called bitwise xor). So you could use Radix to split the byte into 8 single bits, XOR these, and use another Radix to get everything back into one byte.

Or - and this is much easier - you could use the Expr node, which also features an operation called XOR, which is exactly that type of XOR you´re looking for.

i know both nodes should be able to deal with both definitions… tells more about xor.

(2) there are diffent ways for converting numbers into the strings for the RS232 node - each device seem to invent its own style. from the BASIC code provided in the conrad manual i see that they are using the chr$ function. To emulate that, use SpellValue in ascii mode.

and (3)
i dont understand the framedelay before the xor - better remove that…

hei oschatz.
thanks for the support.

working fine now! klick klick klick…


RelayBoard (Devices Conrad).v4p (42.3 kB)
RelayBoard (Devices Conrad) help.v4p (5.5 kB)