Relative Paths and Dir

Attached patch demonstrates a weird path inconsistancy, publish an input and suddenly the path is relative to the parent patch rather than relative to where the path is being used (Dir node)

Dir node path bug (8.3 kB)

Also as the shoutbox says, I;'ve had a few sudden quits, a few .net has done something wrong, but I’m able to continue, which is nice…
Also are all modules read only now? eg I patched changes to the perf meter, saved it, but vvvv is saving temp versions, had to save it outside of the folder to actually save it…



Ah, and if you alt click a text(ex9) nodes colour it resets to 0 alpha…
and another sudden quit on paste… :/

Very strange… or maybe not.
It seems it converts the relative path into an absolute path right on the input pin of the callmenames node in the main patch. You can see that if you hover over the output pin of the second “published” io-box inside the callmenames patch.
Strange that I used this passing of a relative path yesterday and it worked, though an extra layer was involved (like putting a second patch next to callmenames.v4p and using that inside callmenames).

helo cat,

concerning the paths…you are right. this is changed behavior. i just added it to the changelog of beta24 where it was missing.

while i’d argue the new behavior is the desired one (as all other non-module nodes behave the same) you are right, this potentially breaks patches.

i was thinking in most cases for now (since it didn’t work as expected) you had to use absolut filepaths whenever handing a filepath over to a module/subpatch. and all those cases where you used absolut filepaths will still work. so i am hoping that the actual number of cases where this is causing troubles is rather limited and am sorry for the inconvenience.