Relative Path in .v4p xml

Hi All

I am working on an older project and I work on two machines. Git see some conflicts I think shouldn’t be necessary.

The problem is the absolute path in the top of the .v4p files, which for reasons are not the same on both machines:


This gives merge conflicts.

I’d like to have a relative path here and I think I remember years ago this being an issue for someone else and there is was a way to use relative paths. I just haven’t found it in the documentation.
I imagine I am not the only one with this problem and someone already have a fix.


Have you tried Shift+Alt+P?
IIRC that is (or was) the shortcut for making paths relative.

what bjoern says refers to making the paths of individual nodes/subpatches relative. but also this happens automatically since a few years now.

i am afraid i cannot think of any solution to making that main doc-path relativ.

ok, so for now I just have to accept these conflicts, unless I make sure the paths can be the same on all systems. correct?

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