Rekorder / not working on second screen

When using rekorder with 50beta35.2 x64 :
If the renderer is on my second screen, the .gif is black.
Dragging the renderer to the main screen makes rekorder working correctly.
Renderer is DX11, gpu is nvidia.

i just tried exactly what you described on win10 and it works for me. can you describe step-by-step how you reproduce the problem?


Simple patch :
rotate transform > quad DX11 (layer) > Renderer DX11

  • rekorder

when the renderer is on the main screen, .gif is fine, when the renderer is on the second screen, the .gif is black.

I tried moving the patch window to the second screen but it doesn’t help.

that’s exactly what works for me. anyone else?

Using a laptop ?

yes, laptop+second screen on win10. tested with 2nd screen positioned either left or right.

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