Rekorder bug?

Thanks for the response joreg. We’ve talked before - I’m the guy that did the Voronoi node that let you keep track of individual cells/sides/etc. a while back. Didn’t follow up on that like I probably should have - sorry about that. Anyway, I’ve just included a link to the patch here: Drops On Lines Patch

I’ve got a jury rigged button that you press to enable recording - at that point the recording will sync up properly the next time the LFO comes around so after it starts you need to turn off the record button to keep it from recording more than once. I’m sure there’s a better way. I experimented around a bit with some delays and didn’t find it but I doubt it’s terribly difficult. Anyway, here you go. I think it ought to work out of the box. It puts the gif at c:\temp.

hey darrell, i do remember the voronoi, also brought it over to vl already, see: VL.2D.Voronoi i sent you an email back then which you might not have received?

regarding your patch…can’t you upload it here? the download link fails for me…

Here you go. BTW, thanks for helping out the voronoi stuff. That was good of you. I’m sorry that I didn’t help as much as I could have. Drops on wires.v4p (22.6 KB)

oh, now i see. geee…
indeed when showCursor is off, the windows border is captured! workaround: turn on the cursor and make sure it is not in the renderer while recording…

i’ll update this thread, when the bug is fixed.

Ah - cool! I’ll do just that! Glad we can get another bug squashed!

this is now fixed in latest previews.

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