Region Inconsistency

just found a very weird effect.

If I create a new region (eg ForEach), I can then doubleclick on its top left naming to change it (e.g. to Repeat).
Note that the ForEach is italic here.


If I create the same region with the context menu Surround, I cannot change it to any other region. The nodebrowser will simply refuse to show other Regions as an option at all.


The only difference I can see is in the nodebrowser: the ForEach is not italic.

have you tried this with latest alpha? should work there, please confirm.

same behaviour in rc5

edit: first look was deceiving.
so the italics are still there, but the nodebrowser functionality is actually doing great

you’re speaking in riddles. can you clarify this please? for us everything works as expected. maybe add a gif-recording?

As I said, the broken base functionality is now working in rc5. I can replace regions with other regions when I doubleclick them, no matter how they were generated in the first place.

What is still inconsistent is the way, the italics are used in the node browser for said regions. If you create a region with the surround-by option in the context menu, it will be different then when you created them from the nodebrowser directly (i.e. not in italics).

Since this is merely cosmetic, I retagged this thread from “Bug” to “Feature”, in hope this gets rectified one day, even though it is non-critical.

PS: gif-recording with a Frame will not work, because the nodebrowser is not being captured.



not confirmed:

ok cool

just took rc6 for a test ride, and encountered this:

this region was originally made with beta36 and copy/pasted at least once. as you can see, the italics are off here, and the nodebrowser will not show me alternative regions.

ps: had to host the gif at dropbox, because it was >3mb. maybe raise that to 20 mb, so all those bug videos don’t get lost within mere weeks?

This is noted, but won’t be fixed for beta37. Thanks for reporting!

Ok, your call.

Can you say something about the bugs internals though, for the time being?

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